Daily Archives: February 22, 2017


Addressing the challenges of new technologies in the NHS

Former neurosurgeon and ophthalmic surgeon Dr. Guy Wood-Gush, CEO of A.I company Deontics, welcomes positive moves to bring digital health into the frontline of care delivery, but fears the NHS may get left behind if it does not make its data work harder. Digital transformation is rife across many markets. Retailers are exploiting huge amounts of…


Global healthcare systems at digital health tipping point

A report released by analysis group Economic Intelligence Unit has highlighted the potential of the digital health landscape, detailing how the industry can support global healthcare. The report shows that healthcare around the world will be digitised when there is a fundamental shift in how stakeholders collaborate to use technology to solve healthcare challenges.  The…


Innovation for Health launched by University of Surrey

The University of Surrey has launched a new academic programme, aimed to help change the delivery of healthcare in the UK. Innovation for Health is an academic programme which combines teaching and research to help train the next generation of graduates in the schools of health and engineering sciences. The course coincides with the University’s…

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