Daily Archives: October 13, 2017


Digital Health Age: Weekly news roundup

Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the biggest stories of the week.   Good news for us! A new report has shown that the global digital health market is on the rise and it isn’t looking to stop anytime soon. Research from innovation consultancy Enspektos shows positive growth for the industry across…


Start-up launches remote monitoring kit for vital signs

A Belgian-American health start-up has launched a remote monitoring kit for vital signs. Byteflies has developed its Exploration Kit that contains five programmable high-precision sensors dots that continuously and remotely monitor vital signs.  The wearable sensors connect to the company’s data processing platform. Byteflies is targeting pharmaceutical companies, start-ups and research groups involved in clinical…


Digital health on the rise, new research shows

Digital technologies are proving to be benefiting healthcare according to the latest market research provided by the innovation consultancy Enspektos. The research looks at the global digital health market, examining aspects such as investment, mobile technologies and global trends. It highlights positive growth for the digital health market across all factors including infrastructure, regional diversity,…

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