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Amazon hires former FDA chief health informatics officer

Amazon has hired a former FDA chief health informatics officer to work on its secretive health business, according to CNBC. The company has been steadily moving towards the healthcare industry, recently announcing a partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase to offer its employees lower healthcare costs through technology solutions. Now, Amazon has hired Taha…


Digital tech could help pharma companies harness billions

According to new research from global professional services company, Accenture, there is an estimated £22 billion that could be unlocked by pharmaceutical companies over the next 10 years through harnessing digital technologies. The research revealed that through investment in digital technologies it may be possible for the pharma industry to accelerate growth by five percent….


Companies partnership offers VR solution for healthcare

Provider of virtual reality (VR) and 360° video content, Blend Media, have announced a partnership with VR healthcare group, Rescape Innovation to use immersive content to help improve the patient experience. Through the partnership, Rescape will deploy ‘out of the box’ VR solution for healthcare organisation. The DR.VR kit will be used to provide patients…


Is cloud the cornerstone of digital transformation in healthcare?

Written by Roberto Mircoli, EMEA sales enablement and development, Virtustream. Today every part of the business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities. Every business has the potential to be a digital business. As the numbers of smart, connected devices from phones to cars to wearables are growing, companies that quickly deliver…

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