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Open healthcare: Can blockchain change the patient relationship?

Tas Hind, director of Technology at Essentia Trading Ltd writes about how blockchain can be used within healthcare to change the way patients interact with the system. In the United States, aggregators such as Mint.com have already dis-intermediated banks and now own the ‘last mile’ of the customer banking relationship, disrupting traditional players. Having worked in healthcare technology…


NHS to receive £500 million in technology funding

The NHS is to receive a new half a billion pound package to help increase the amount of digital technologies that are available across services within the organisation. Speaking at the West Suffolk hospital on Friday (20 July), secretary for health and social care Matt Hancock outlined his plans for the NHS, emphasising the importance…


What Anxiety UK & videoDoc are doing to support mental health

To look into the history of mental health is to see years of stigma, inadequate, often brutal treatments and incompetent socio-political responsibilities towards those suffering. In fact, it’s only in the second half of the 20th century that treatments and attitudes towards mental health have experienced significant and productive change for the better in the…

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