Daily Archives: October 22, 2018


Medical apps for nurses: five types of apps to help with patient care

Anastasia Yaskevich, an Enterprise Mobility Researcher at ScienceSoft in McKinney, Texas, looks into the types of medical apps for nurses that help with work in critical care units, offer information on symptoms, medication, and general terminology, as well as translate conversations with patients who speak a foreign language. Since every health professional has their own specific goals when…


Major tech player develops video consultation tool

A technology specialist has launched a video tool that will allow medical professionals to hold video calls with their patients regardless of their device or location. Vapour Cloud has developed TeleDOC which will be powered by a free SMS or email using Web Real-Time Communication technology. Calls are secure, encrypted, recordable and geo-tagged. The aim…


Heart monitor developed to save lives and ease NHS burden

A heart monitor to detect irregular and dangerous heart rhythms has been developed which could potentially save thousands of lives. Cambridge Heartwear, who developed the Heartsense monitor, hope its wireless real time ECG device can ease the burden on NHS cardiology departments as well as save lives of people by speeding up the diagnostic process…

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