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Incorporating digital tech is ushering in a new era in drug delivery

Chrissy Bell, global business leader, 3M Drug Delivery Systems, looks at what the digital revolution is doing for design and commercialisation in drug delivery. Today, patient empowerment is at the centre of the conversation surrounding healthcare and drug delivery technology. By using technology to augment existing care and provide the tools to allow patients to…


New AI could benefit cancer patients, research suggests

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy could soon benefit from a new AI that is able to identify and predict the development of different combinations of symptoms, according to research from the University of Surrey and the University of California. Published by Nature Scientific Reports, researchers detail how they used Network Analysis (NA) to examine the…


New cloud-based integration healthcare platform launched

A cloud-based data and API integration platform SPINR has been launched. SPINR is a new venture and was formed out of cloud and digital transformation specialists Shaping Cloud, and aims to be a catalyst for small companies servicing healthcare working with data. The platform allows data to be brought together from any number of sources, so…


Giving instant messaging a clean bill of health

Shallu Behar-Sheehan, chief marketing officer at StarLeaf, discusses the dangers of using insecure messaging in healthcare. Social media is the modern medicine for wagging tongues and communal chat. It is the panacea for a digitally hungry generation and a platform for participation that globally pulses every second with voice and video calls, image sharing, and…

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