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How this startup is using machine learning in physical rehabilitation

Creative Content Creator Evelina Kaganovitch, who often works with startups to share their stories, profiles how Racoon Recovery is using machine learning in physical rehabilitation.  The effects of Machine Learning (ML) across the Digital Health Industry is undeniable. Smart Technologies are taking over the digital health space and many companies and startups are using to…


App for oncology clinicians launches and receives CE Mark

An app aimed to make cancer care easier for medical professionals has been launched and has received the CE mark. ONCOassist is one of Europe’s only CE approved oncology mobile applications. It came to life as the passion project between co-founders Kevin Bambury and Eoin O’Connell while completing their masters in E-business at University College…


Digital therapeutics player launches virtual personal trainer app

Digital therapeutics firm Kaia Health is launching a virtual personal trainer app which tracks exercises, creates personalised, counts reps and provides real-time audio feedback. The app is powered by AI-powered motion tracking technology and uses a smartphone, and has been developed with physiotherapists and fitness experts. It combines AI-powered motion tracking technology and personalised training…

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