Daily Archives: May 14, 2019


Q&A: The startup aiming to improve cancer diagnoses through AI-based analysis of biopsies

Web content editor Ian Bolland caught up with Avi Veidman, CEO of pathology startup Nucleai which aims to make cancer diagnoses more accurate, accessible and efficient through AI-based analysis of biopsies. Give us an idea of the ‘comprehensive suite of solutions that Nucleai offers? Nucleai provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for cancer biopsies relating to gastro, breast and prostate…


NHS prescribing is back in the spotlight – where does tech fit?

Dr Simon Hendricks, product innovation manager and clinical strategy lead at FDB (First Databank), is excited by the recent attention from Whitehall to improving NHS prescribing. He asks what progress is already being made, what needs to happen next, and where technology can play a role.  Political will for better and safer prescribing in the…

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