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Pain monitoring firm announces partnership for UK distribution

PainChek, the world’s first smartphone pain monitoring and assessment technology, has partnered with Person Centred Software, its first international distributor. Person Centred Software will distribute PainChek to its UK client base and has integrated with PainChek to provide a joined-up solution for care providers to monitor pain in people who are non-verbal, such as people…


4D imaging firm announces upgrades to fall detection device

Vayyar Imaging, the 4D imaging technology firm has announced advancements to Walabot Home, its fall detection and health monitoring smart home device. The product covers more rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Its new machine-learning AI adapts to the changing patterns of a home in order to detect falls and reduce the need for…


Partnership formed to offer integrated EPR and e-prescribing

Two companies have formed partnership to offer NHS Trusts an integrated electronic patient record and e-prescribing option. IMS MAXIMS has joined up with Better by Marand to become a reseller for its e-prescribing system, OPENeP. The move gives NHS Trusts the option to buy an e-prescribing system that integrates with the MAXIMS software suite. The…


Five steps to maximise your patient data protection

Florin Cornianu, CEO & co-founder of 123FormBuilder, comments on how the healthcare industry can regain patient trust through transparent data collection while using new technologies. We use computers and mobile devices almost permanently. The continuous technological development, especially in healthcare, has led to many positive outcomes, saving lives and improving our quality of life. Not only has…

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