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Study suggests new pathway of managing advanced liver disease

Digital healthcare company Isansys Lifecare has announced results of a study which may suggest a new pathway for managing patients with advanced liver disease based on new methods employing data-driven biomarkers. Products developed by Isansys include the patient monitoring platform Patient Status Engine and the Lifetouch wireless “smart patch” cardiac sensor. The study between the…


Royal College of Surgeons accredits VR tech platform’s simulations

Fundamental VR’s education platform, Fundamental Surgery, has received Continuing Professional Development accreditation for its entire portfolio of surgical training simulations by the Royal College of Surgeons in England. The company, which is behind the HapticVR training technology, became the first surgical simulation with the technology to receive six CPD points for its Total Hip Replacement…


App advises steps to treat back pain in the workplace

An app created to reduce back pain has produced exercises aimed to treat the problem in the workplace. Kaia Health claims that a few simple changes in the workplace could help reduce the problem. These include: Walking and talking during phone calls Taking a break from the screen every 30 minutes for at least two…


Device that predicts heart failure based on saliva developed

A hand-held device to predict heart failure based on saliva has been developed with the aim of helping millions of potential victims take preventative steps to avoid their fate. A multi-partner deal has been signed to bring the technology to market. It contains nano-sensors on the tip of the diagnostic stick to measure heart disease…

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