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BBC launches wellbeing app for young people

The BBC has launched an app aimed to encourage young people to have a happier, healthier and more positive life online. The BBC Own It app combines machine-learning technology with the ability to keep a diary to allow children to record how they’re feeling and why. In response, the app can offer help and support,…


Cryptography solutions provider launches cloud-based HSM

nCipher Security has announced nShield as a Service, a cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) service aimed to protect sensitive data and applications and helps meet compliance mandates – using on-demand cryptography. nShield as a Service uses nShield HSMs to generate, access and protect cryptographic key material separately from sensitive data. All nShield HSMs are managed…


Moorfields Eye Hospital signs contract with software provider

Software provider Civica has signed a five-year contract with Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to implement its cloud-based digital health platform Cito. Civica’s Cito platform will digitise more than 120,000 patient referrals each year in a bid to make Moorfields’ referrals process more efficient and cost-effective than the current system which requires each referral to be printed…


Being open about open source

IMS MAXIMS broke new ground in 2014 when it made the code for its big hospital IT systems open source. That meant it published the source code for its patient administration system and electronic patient record onto a well-known software development platform.   The idea behind the open source movement is that developers should be…

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