Daily Archives: October 7, 2019


Care home integrates medicines admin and electronic care planning apps

Rodwell House in Surrey, part of the Graham Care group of care homes, has integrated medicines administration and electronic care planning applications from Person Centred Software and Invatech Health. The integration means that data from Invatech Health’s ATLAS electronic medicines management system (eMAR) is shared with Person Centred Software’s electronic care planning system, Mobile Care…


How an e-CBT service can provide support before psychotherapy

Ian Bolland spoke to Farina Schurzfeld co-founder and CMO of Selfapy, a German start-up which offers online cognitive behaviour therapy. They discuss the service and the availability of mental health services. The aim of Selfapy is to provide those suffering from mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders some psychological support before…


How artificial intelligence supports early lung cancer diagnosis

Daniel Drieling, product manager at MeVis Medical Solutions, explains how technology can come to the rescue when diagnosing lung cancer on a global scale. Despite being the number one cancer globally, across populations of men and women combined, lung cancer is notoriously challenging to spot early enough for positive treatment outcomes. Usually symptoms occur in…

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