5 interesting things to look out for at Medica 2018

Medica gets underway in Dusseldorf, Germany from 12th November and lasts for four days. The Digital Health Age team has picked out five things you should look out for if you’re going along to the trade fair.

Wireless technology

With digital technology becoming more and more integrated into healthcare, applications and new ways to communicate information to healthcare professionals and patients is carrying on greater importance and prevalence. Digital medicine, therefore, is likely to be a big focus of this year’s show.

Multitone Electronics will be one of the firms showcasing its latest technology with its Appear app featuring prominently alongside its Eko family of safeguarding systems. Appear can be used on all major smart devices and provides secure communications with Multitone claiming it can be used to relay nurse call messages, fire or lift alarms.

Non-invasive brain nerve stimulation devices

While there will be plenty of focus on the Medica Health IT Forum, the Medica Connected Healthcare Forum and the Medica App competition, one topic to keep an eye on this year’s event is non-invasive brain nerve stimulation devices. The topic features in the Medica Connected healthcare forum under the title ‘personalised medicine in chronic disease management and health monitoring’. Dr. Kiwon Lee, the founder and CEO of yBrain, is a speaker during the session.

yBrain’s products include Mindd Stim, a device with the aim of helping people with their mental health by trying to combat illnesses such as depression, with treatment applicable in a patient’s home under the direction of a medical professional.

Surgical instruments

One of the products launched by Single Use Surgical at this year’s show is the Pulse Lavage Kit. A disposable solution, it’s designed specifically for treating the knee and hip joints and can be used for orthopaedic revisions, total joint procedures, trauma and wound care.


Healthcare Technology, also known as Cardio Sport, is one of the companies that will be showcasing several of its wearable products. A lot of its health products have an emphasis on those looking to keep fit and participate in sporting activity and heart rate monitoring – including its ECG detection module and Vital Sign Patch.

Diagnostic software

Diagnostic software to help patients in their recovery, and to help medical professionals to accurately diagnose conditions, is getting more prevalence.

One example of such a device that will be on show is MediBalance, which helps people who have issues with their balance and vertigo. Meditech will show its MediBalance pro system to allow for measurement of balance and posture. The device aims to go beyond diagnosis but to find a way to address and manage balance issues or vertigo.

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