AI product ‘DeepRay’ developed to help see clearer images

A product and technology consultancy firm has announced the development of a new product that creates views of the real-world from a damaged or obscured moving image with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

Cambridge Consultants has said the images DeepRay produces are clear and undistorted as it tries to produce clear images despite environmental factors which can obscure views such as rain, smoke or dirt and will be publicly unveiled at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, from 8th January 2019.

When presented with a distorted image it has never seen before, the technology can then form a real-time judgement of the ‘true’ scene behind the distortion with the company claiming it can potentially outperform the human eye.

Tim Ensor, commercial director for artificial intelligence at Cambridge Consultants said: “This is the first time that a new technology has enabled machines to interpret real-world scenes the way humans can – and DeepRay can potentially outperform the human eye. This takes us into a new era of image sensing and will give flight to applications in many industries, including automotive, agritech and healthcare. The ability to construct a clear view of the world from live video, in the presence of continually changing distortion such as rain, mist or smoke, is transformational. We’re excited to be at the leading edge of developments in AI. DeepRay shows us making the leap from the art of the possible, to delivering breakthrough innovation with significant impact on our client’s businesses.”

DeepRay is the latest technology to emerge from Cambridge Consultants’ Digital Greenhouse, an experimental environment where data scientists and engineers explore and cultivate learning techniques. Leveraging this capability to deliver commercial applications led to Cambridge Consultants being named the first NVIDIA preferred deep learning delivery partner in the EMEA region.

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