AI solutions package released for identifying and triaging stroke

Aidoc, a provider of AI solutions to radiologists, has released its complete AI package for the identification and triage of stroke in CT scans.

The CE-marked solution flags and prioritises vascular occlusions which result in both ischemic and haemorrhagic strokes. The stroke package, comprising the new CE-marked Large-Vessel Occlusion AI module and Aidoc’s already FDA-cleared and CE-marked intracranial hemorrhage AI module reduces “door-to-needle” time for patients suffering from stroke.

Dr. Eyal Morag, medical director of Aidoc, said: “When creating an AI solution for stroke, it’s all about providing solutions where time matters most. Aidoc augments the radiologist’s workflow with life-saving technology, assuring medical providers that there are no delays in treatment for patients suffering from a stroke – be it haemorrhagic or ischemic.”

Aidoc’s complete stroke package ensures that both ischemic and haemorrhagic stroke sufferers are prioritised in worklists immediately. The “always-on” technology analyses patient scans continuously in the background providing a substantial impact on time to treatment so that a specialist stroke team can act promptly. This prioritisation is already showing value in academic facilities as well as smaller institutions, where fast detection means patients can be taken to a stroke centre in time to save their lives.


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