Amazon software could help reshape healthcare industry, GlobalData says

Amazon could have considerable impact in reshaping the healthcare industry by overcoming hurdles that may prevent application of big data in healthcare, according to a GlobalData analyst.

The company’s latest healthcare product is machine learning-based software that can pull out and analyse patient data from electronic medical records (EMRs), called Amazon Comprehend Medical. The product aims to help doctors to diagnose and tailor patients’ medications faster and more accurately while reducing costs and speeding up medical research.

Dr. Edit Kovalcsik, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases managing analyst for GlobalData, said: “While the development of the company’s progress in digital health could be worrisome to pharma, whose traditional methods are failing to deliver adequate care to the growing consumer demand for more accessible care, Amazon’s announcement also indicated that Roche is previewing the software to use it to convert unstructured data into useful insights and accelerate research and enable personalised healthcare.

“Whilst improving health outcomes, Amazon’s software could alleviate growing healthcare costs and insufficient resources brought about by ageing populations and increasing prevalence of chronic diseases.”

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