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Partnership announced to increase insights into personal health

Health data provider HealthChampion has announced a partnership with streaming platform Validic. Validic connects personal health data from wearables, medical devices and apps to healthcare and wellness companies. The partnership marks the launch of HealthChampion’s partner program aimed to unite companies to empower people to access, manage and gain greater insights about their health. HealthChampion’s…


Collaboration established to deliver federated learning in healthcare

Owkin, which is developing federated learning and AI technologies to advance medical research, has announced a collaboration with technology company NVIDIA and King’s College London (KCL) to deliver federated learning in the healthcare and life sciences sector. It will initially connect four of London’s teaching hospitals before expanding throughout the UK, and will offer AI services with the…


Healthcare video firm to expand presence in US and India

Visionable, the healthcare video collaboration platform is expanding its international presence in US and India. The expansion signifies continued growth for Visionable, fuelled by a recent funding round where the British health start-up secured £9.1 million. The majority of doctors and nurses in India are located in bigger and wealthier cities, often leaving a gap…

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