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How technology is helping to identify skin cancer

Medical equipment supplier, Medtree discuss the latest innovations coming from medical technology, including an online test to identify risks of skin cancer. Technology is revolutionising the healthcare industry. Far from the headlines of ‘robots taking over’ and the plot to I Robot – advances and developments within the tech world have been saving lives. Our…


Can AI-enhanced CT scanning reduce the need for PET scans?

By Jaroslaw Czaja, CEO of Future Processing, and based on an article written by Daniel Saaristo Finding and treating cancer can be difficult. The right equipment and tools are needed to help detect the cancer so medical staff can choose the appropriate method of treatment. New methods, which utilise technology, are required to ensure that…


Data released from medical mass screening by smartphones

Data from the world’s first real-life medical mass screening performed by smartphone have been released, potentially leading to a paradigm shift in healthcare according to experts. FibriCheck is currently the world’s only medically certified app that can be used to detect atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm disorders. The data released includes more than 120,000…


Could IoT sustain the NHS?

By James Norman, Public Sector CIO at EMC The Internet of Things (IoT) is slowly becoming the new telemedicine. Just a few months ago it was announced that the NHS introduced some new major trials to improve patient care. At the World Economic Forum, NHS England Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, pronounced the launch of the…


Report: the quantified self movement and predictive analytics in healthcare

By Roberta Katz, Director, Healthcare-Life Sciences, EMC As part of the information generation our technology-driven world is dramatically changing our lives, impacting our personal interactions, business transactions, and the way we consume information. We’re always connected, using more types of devices, accessing data anywhere, anytime. When it comes to caring for ourselves and others, this…

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