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Updated version of mobile symptom checker launched

Isabel Healthcare has launched updated mobile versions of the Isabel Symptom Checker for patients and the Isabel DDx Generator for doctors, as well as a Spanish Language version of the tool. The update means patients can use the Symptom Checker on their smartphone, so they can research possible causes of their symptoms whenever they need…


Whistleblowing for NHS professionals

Andy Shettle, chief product officer of ER Tracker, Selenity, offers his thoughts on how technology can help whistleblowers in the NHS. The accountability and transparency of public sector organisations, such as the NHS is an essential part of maintaining trust. However, in recent years a wider access to information, the prevalence of social media and a…


Why updated software remains critical to the NHS

Chris Mountford, account director and head of public sector at Stone Group, discusses the importances of keeping NHS IT systems up to date. In the modern day, it would be hard to find a bank or accountancy firm that was running an outdated Operating System (OS). This is because businesses holding sensitive data need to…

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