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Give junior doctors a break – but let’s also equip them better

By Peter Bonis – chief medical officer, Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Effectiveness Every August, thousands of newly qualified junior doctors start work in UK hospitals. As they begin their careers, the first Wednesday of the month is often referred to as ‘Black Wednesday’ because of the possible risk of having so many inexperienced medics on…


Internet of Things will revolutionise how healthcare is delivered

The big technology shift sweeping the global connection of healthcare is that the supply chain is becoming part of the Internet of Things. By Toby Hay, Worldwide Sales Manager, FedEx Healthcare Solutions. Like nearly every other area of commerce, healthcare is now a global market. Worldwide it is projected to be worth US$8.7 trillion and tipped…

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Digitalising bed management: How touch screen technology can reduce hospital bed waiting times 

Anybody who has spent time in a GP’s waiting room understands how frustrating healthcare waiting times can be. These inconvenient waits are bad enough when nervously awaiting routine appointments, but are significantly more stressful when urgent care is required. Here, Adrian Swindells, a director of touchscreen computing specialist Distec, explains how using touchscreen PCs for bed management can…

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Got a healthcare app? Here’s how to get it assessed

Raj Purewal, business development and partnerships director at TRUSTECH (  @TRUSTECH_NHS), the NHS innovation experts, provides an overview on healthcare app assessment. So you’ve invested considerable time and energy creating a healthcare app to improve patient care, you’ve successfully jumped the hurdles and have come out the other side with an app that’s ready to…

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