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Does AI provide the key to a 24/7 NHS?

Frederik Brabant, MD and chief medical information officer at Nuance discusses how chatbots can help the NHS. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is often referred to as a national treasure. Providing free care to all, no matter what their income or background, its success has been driven by the dedication of its doctors and nurses…


The benefits of a digital NHS

With the NHS set to go paperless by 2020, the digital overhaul is already well underway. Although this enormous task is one fraught with potential set-backs and challenges, it is imperative to the survival of the service. Here, Lee Copestake, technical director at BookWise Solutions, explains why going digital is so important. Health bosses are…


Technology is key in order to improve the level of care provided in healthcare environments

Advancing digital maturity in healthcare environments is critical. Paul Jakeway, Marketing Director at skin care expert Deb, discusses how investing in digital solutions – one of these being an electronic hand hygiene compliance system – can drastically improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency. Significant steps must be taken to improve the digital maturity of specific…


How digital technologies can support mental health patients

Tas Hind, IM&T Strategy and Transformation Consultant at Ideal Health, looks at the integration of physical and mental health and the role of digital solutions with potential opportunities and challenges this will present. In some organisations digital solutions are already playing a key role in supporting mental health patients. For instance, booking appointments, online consultations/therapy…


What Should the NHS Do After the Data Breach?

Caroline Black writes about the recent data breach in the NHS, globalisation and what the health service needs to do to prevent larger cyberattacks. The rapid rise of digital technologies means we live in an interesting and transitional time for the world of medicine. For example, we are increasingly relying upon computers to store records and…

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