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Obesity UK

Habit-forming technology and the battle against obesity

Jamie Woolnough, head of User Experience, at mobile development & data architecture specialist, DOGFI.SH Mobile, discusses how technology can help tackle the obesity epidemic in the UK. Despite many efforts to curb the nation’s obesity epidemic, the crisis has shown little sign of abating. Indeed, research by the Cleveland Clinic and New York University School…

Business Accelerator

How fledgling start-ups can benefit from accelerator programmes

Giovanni Rizzo, chief of innovation division at Z-Cube, discusses how life sciences start-ups can benefit from accelerator programmes. Start-ups in the life science sector are a source of invaluable innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately, important developments that could improve patient health. It is through new ideas that the sector can face current and future challenges,…


Does AI provide the key to a 24/7 NHS?

Frederik Brabant, MD and chief medical information officer at Nuance discusses how chatbots can help the NHS. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is often referred to as a national treasure. Providing free care to all, no matter what their income or background, its success has been driven by the dedication of its doctors and nurses…


The benefits of a digital NHS

With the NHS set to go paperless by 2020, the digital overhaul is already well underway. Although this enormous task is one fraught with potential set-backs and challenges, it is imperative to the survival of the service. Here, Lee Copestake, technical director at BookWise Solutions, explains why going digital is so important. Health bosses are…

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