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Digital Transformation (1)

Digital demands for patients in healthcare

Bethany Cornell, PR executive at Found writes about how digital transformation can benefit the future of healthcare. Modern consumers have quickly got used to the convenience and speed offered by digital technology, with new developments leading to more personalised, high quality services with real-time information any time, anywhere. Unsurprisingly, patients expect the same from their…

Mental Health (1)

Curbing depression and suicide rates among medical students

Dustyn Williams, MD, discusses how digital learning platforms can help medical students alleviate stress and anxiety that can have detrimental effects on their mental health. Driven by the desire to improve the lives of others, healthcare providers relinquish their time, energy and, too often, their peace of mind. Mental illness is a debilitating reality experienced…


How can GPs get the IT they need?

Dr Neil Paul, a GP in Sandbach and well-known columnist on primary care IT, says technology can help general practice to meet the pressures on it. However, he says this will take scale, funds and skills – issues that he will explore further at EHI Live 2017. General practice is facing two major challenges; demand…

Predictive Analytics

The potential of predictive healthcare

Julie Pelta, senior advisor, Healthcare at global technology consultancy, DataArt, discusses the developments in health technology and what artificial intelligence means for prevention and prediction. With health services under significant pressure from exploding population growth and an increasingly ageing population, the focus is falling upon prevention as the best cure. The field of health technology is slowly…

Data (1)

How health tech platforms are transforming healthcare

Martin Blinder, founder and CEO of Tictrac, discusses why health tech platforms like Tictrac are needed and how they are transforming the way we approach healthcare There’s a huge volume of health data out there being collected through wearables, smart devices and other technologies, which has the potential to give people a better understanding of…

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