Blockchain cancer registry aims to provide more efficient and accurate screening

A medtech firm has launched its global cancer registry with the aim of providing a more cost-effective, faster, securer and accurate cancer screening solution.

Lancor Scientific has integrated its blockchain platform onto an early detection cancer screen device called OMIS. Its current technology runs at 90% accuracy following a number of clinical trials compared to 60% accuracy offered by cervical Pap smear screening. The company is planning to add more types of cancer it can screen for in 2019, with Lancor aiming to validate its OMIS (Opto-magnetic Imaging Spectroscopy) device to screen for a range of cancers in the future.

The blockchain platform will validate the screening devices, unlock the patient record, write the results to the registry, take payment for the cancer tests and provide real-time screening results. The results will be stored using a combination of on- and off-chain ledgers in patient-owned secure profiles.

Lancor Scientific’s Medici Token allows holders to purchase cancer screening tests at any clinic using the their blockchain platform and has been validated to work alongside partner Tumour Trace’s early cancer detection OMIS device.

Their partnership has taken 14 years to develop, with The Tumour Trace OMIS device invented by Professor Djuro Koruga, chief scientific officer, a product of his research at the University of Belgrade.

The OMIS device takes advantage of the photoelectric effect in quantum physics. When light is shone onto tissue, the magnetic component of the reflected light from the tissue can determine how malignant it is. It is claimed the device does not subject the patient to potentially dangerous ultraviolet, X-ray or microwave radiation.

Aamir Butt, CEO of Lancor Scientific, said: “Lancor Scientific has dedicated itself to making effective cancer screening available to everyone, everywhere. Our technology will help people to be screened earlier than ever before, so that they can receive necessary treatment, even before symptoms occur. Blockchain technology will provide a secure infrastructure to roll-out the device and Lancor Scientific platform.

“The fight against cancer is an uphill battle for everyone connected, so we hope that our solution can help people in the countries that need it the most. We are delighted to see continued progress towards this ultimate goal.”

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