NHSX chief explains approach to NHS app

The CEO of NHSX Matthew Gould has said he doesn’t want to make the NHS app ‘all-singing and all-dancing’. In his first blog in the role, Gould spoke about the role of the NHS app, saying he wanted to keep it thin and let others use the platform to come up with ‘brilliant features’ on…


NHS Trust develops text messaging service to help quit smoking

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has designed and developed a fully automated text message service to help patients quit smoking one text at a time. Gateshead patients who smoke and want to quit immediately have access to a new Smoking Cessation Service, which is a behavioural change text message service that is designed to give…


Scientists develop tool as part of everyday laughter study

Scientists at Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems, Austria (KL Krems) are currently developing a tool that collects psychological data as part of a study of laughter in everyday life. The software for the wearable could optimise the collection of data in psychological studies. The device will be tested on around 150 subjects…

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