Being open about open source

IMS MAXIMS broke new ground in 2014 when it made the code for its big hospital IT systems open source. That meant it published the source code for its patient administration system and electronic patient record onto a well-known software development platform.   The idea behind the open source movement is that developers should be…


How growing IoT is affecting the medical device industry

Lee Stacey, product evangelist, Thingstream, writes about challenges faced by the medical device industry amidst the growth of IoT, and new European regulations that come into force next year.   For medical device companies, a significant change is fast approaching in respect of how field devices are monitored and reported on. New European regulation, which…


Q&A: The role microapps can play in the NHS

Ian Bolland caught up with Alison Haughton, senior product marketing manager, Cognitive Group, Progress, about the role that microapps can play within the NHS. They discuss how much they have been explored, and the difference it can make to both healthcare professionals and patients. What’s the main difference for a clinician/NHS worker using a microapp…

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