Reversing the obesity crisis requires both taxes and tech

Following suggestions in the Conservative leadership contest of a sugar tax Professor Mike Trenell, co-founder and chief scientific officer at Changing Health, offers his thoughts on the role of taxes and technology when it comes to tackling obesity in the UK. Taxing unhealthy products works. There’s been heated debate among health and policy experts for years,…


Regionalisation is no silver bullet for NHS diagnostic pressures – but it must not fail

Regional approaches to imaging are spreading in the NHS. This will end institutional tribalism, transform peer support, and allow patients to benefit from diagnostic expertise like never before, writes Richard Turner, executive director at Change Healthcare. In the late 1990s, radiology was a very different place. Still analogue, departments relied on light boxes, and professionals…


Alexa, am I losing my voice?

Cathal McGloin, CEO of ServisBOT, offers his views on the recently announced partnership between NHSx and Amazon Alexa. Opinion is divided on the NHSx partnership with Amazon, which will allow people to use Alexa to get NHS responses to common medical queries. While the Alexa announcement has gained a lot of media attention, in fact, voice…

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