Digital transformation for a connected healthcare service

Steve Brain, executive director, health and care, Civica, writes about the current state of NHS organisations in terms of their digital maturity, and how they can build the right incremental plan in order to achieve NHSX’s digital transformation goals. The government’s new joint organisation for digital, data and technology, NHSX, has been created to give NHS…


Why every NHS Trust needs a digital innovation leader

Katrina Percy, CEO of Ryalto, writes that digital health must truly be treated as a board issue if patient empowerment and access, staff engagement and improved outcomes in services are to take place. When it comes to the NHS’ IT strategy, history speaks to a legacy of big contracts being awarded to a small number…


How using AI can help save lives

Haidar Altaie, data scientist at SAS UK & Ireland, writes about how AI can be used to improve patient care, and ultimately save lives. Technological advancements are changing every industry and healthcare is no exception: you can argue that the value of artificial intelligence (AI) is never greater than when it’s used to improve patients’…

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