CES 2018 digital health round-up

With CES 2018 coming to a close last week Digital Health Age takes a look at some of the best health related tech products that were on offer at the show.


Nokia Sleep

Digital health products have long been focused at helping users improve their sleep and wellbeing. Most however are wearable bands that require the user to sleep with them on, potentially causing discomfort.

At CES 2018 Nokia showcased its Wi-Fi enabled pad that is placed under the mattress to monitor your sleeping patterns and quality of sleep. The imaginatively titled Nokia Sleep tracks users’ sleep cycles, rates how well you’ve slept and can automatically control aspects of your bedroom and house to improve your sleep.

Speaking about the product, Rob Le Bras-Brown, head of digital health at Nokia, said: “Our vision is to help make the world a healthier place and quality of sleep is as critical a component of a healthy lifestyle as regular exercise and a balanced diet. Nokia Sleep gives users insight into what happens when their eyes are closed along with the ability to change the environment for more restorative sleep with IFTTT home automation capabilities. Nokia Sleep will be a game changer in helping maximise a night’s sleep to make the most of the next day.”


L’Oreal UV Sense

This product surprisingly comes from beauty company L’Oreal and is designed to track wearers’ UV exposure. UV Sense is a tiny wearable that is designed to be worn on the thumbnail, it’s that small.

The battery-free sensor measures the wearer’s UV exposure and aims to improve sun-safety habits such as spending time in the shade or reapplying sunscreen. The wearable’s accompanying app offers information telling users when they should be mindful of UV exposure.


Credit: Loreal

Omron’s HeartGuide

Medical equipment maker Omron revealed its smartwatch at CES 2018 that is designed to help wearer’s easily take blood pressure readings.

The company’s HeartGuide smartwatch features a band that inflates to take a blood pressure reading similar to a regular blood pressure cuff. The data is sent to Omron’s app which the user can share with their doctor. The smartwatch can also be programmed to take night readings so wearers are aware of hypertension and any risks of stroke while sleeping.


E-Vone smart shoes

Fall alert technology has been on the rise for a number of years now but it’s never looked this stylish.

Created by French start-up E-Vone, this pair of smart shoes can detect when wearers fall over and even alert their friends of family. Designed for those at risk of falling such as the elderly, the shoes contain a range of sensors that detect when you put them on and if you fall over.  The shoes don’t even need to be paired to a phone as they contain all the technology they need to operate on their own.

E-Vone expects to launch the shoes in the US in the near future at somewhere between $100 and $150, with an additional $20 per month for the alarm service.


EarlySense Percept

Fertility tracking devices have been slowly making their way into the digital health space. Now, sleep technology company EarlySense has created the first contact-free fertility monitor.

EarlySense Percept analyses the body’s signals whilst sleeping to accurately predict ovulation cycles based on changes in your vitals. The device uses an algorithm to continuously learn a woman’s cycle over time and to improve prediction accuracy.

EarlySense state that Percept predicts the exact day of ovulation in over 60% of cycles within one day, helps women understand and plan their schedules and highlights the best days to try and get pregnant.

Percept won the Best of Baby Tech Awards at CES 2018. Speaking about the award, Avner Halperin, Co-Founder and CEO of EarlySense said: “Providing women with accurate fertility prediction windows is crucial in helping couples plan ahead and conceive faster, and we are proud to offer this important product to the market.”


Reece Armstrong is a reporter for Digital Health Age. Coming from the North East of England, Reece has an MA in Media & Journalism and a BA in Popular & Contemporary Music from Newcastle University. Reach him on Twitter or email via: reece.armstrong@rapidnews.com

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