Cloud software launched to protect healthcare providers

A new software application named get2Clouds has been created to protect healthcare industries from cyber-attack risks.

Touted as the “Fort Knox” of cloud applications, the software, from niche independent company NOS Microsystems, gives healthcare providers a secure bubble to communicate and transfer patient data.

This recent application has been made free for all providers and is an encrypted cloud sync and all-platform messenger. It is a file transfer system designed to allow healthcare providers to communicate and transfer large files securely without the fear of viruses or hacking. The digitalisation of patient files has led to mass data breaches with the healthcare industry now the most at risk from cyber-attacks.

The software is well needed for the confidentiality of patient data as only last year the NHS was hit by the WannaCry cyber-attack throughout Scotland and England. Around 5.6 million patients’ private data was said to be compromised. Although there was no evidence to suggest patient data had been accessed it was an eyeopener to how little security there was to access personal information.

The developers claim that its platform can securely transfer large files and is complete with secure cloud sync, the securest E2E encrypted messenger and more. It is a quick and easy set up process and can safely send data simply in seconds with no risks, NOS Microsystems state. When any information is sent through get2Cloud, it encrypts the data and then decrypts it when the recipient receives it so if it falls into the wrong hands it is impossible to read. It works similarly to the original cloud and works with all major cloud providers so users can continue using their normal services.

“I saw the tsunami of cloud computing coming in 1999, and I understood then as I do now that it’s as risky as it is convenient” commented Oliver Wessling, director of NOS Microsystems. “That understanding has informed everything we do at NOS. It’s given us precise knowledge and understanding, and with that we have meticulously designed get2Clouds—the desktop and mobile app that gives users all of the convenience of the cloud, but none of the risks.”



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