Digital Hospital of the Month: Harley Street Clinic

In this new series, Digital Health Age will pick a hospital every month to highlight the advancements and implementations of digital technology within healthcare institutions.

This month sees London’s Harley Street Clinic take our Digital Hospital of the Month spot for its use of monitoring technology for paediatric cancer patients.

To help monitor its child cancer patients, The Harley Street Clinic teamed up with mobile health technology provider, MedoPad. By using Medopad’s remote patient monitoring solution, The Harley Street Clinic were able to improve patient care for its child cancer patients.

Medopad equips patients with a wearable device that streams continuous data to doctors. Parents can also use Medopad’s mobile application to notify doctors about any changes to their child’s condition.

The company’s app reminds patients to take medication, input symptoms or vitals directly and utilise sensors to track movement.

The Harley Street Clinic’s use of this technology is evident of the ways in which digital technology can be implemented into helping improve patient care and reducing the burden on healthcare institutions.

The collaboration between the two companies is being led by Dr Stergios Zacharoulis. About the project, he said: “Medopad ensures patients are supported at all times and enables clinicians to reduce the negative impact of medication, increase engagement and satisfaction and improve the quality of cancer care given.”

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