Digital platform to tackle type 2 diabetes implemented by NHS England

Healthtech firm Changing Health has unveiled a platform designed to tackle type 2 diabetes in the UK that has been implemented by NHS England.

The platform consists of a number of evidence-based programmes, placing an emphasis on behaviour change.

Professor Jonathan Valabhji, national clinical director for diabetes and obesity for NHS England, said: “Living with Type 2 diabetes is a daily challenge for millions, as well as a growing issue for our NHS, which is why the Long Term Plan for the health service sets out ambitious, innovative and evidence backed measures to prevent and manage the condition. We are living in an increasingly digital age with people managing most aspects of their lives online, the rollout of this programme will give people the opportunity to get support for their Type 2 diabetes online too.”

The partnership will allow the NHS to offer its patients personalised support to make positive lifestyle changes and sustain them over the long term.

Once a person has been referred to the programme by their primary care team, they are given access to information and tracking tools online, on their mobile, tablet or PC.

Type 2 diabetes currently costs the NHS around £8.8 billion a year. With 3.4 million people in the UK living with the condition and an additional 200,000 people being diagnosed every year, the programme aims to empower people across the UK to live healthier lives.

Professor Mike Trenell, co-founder and chief scientific officer at Changing Health said: “This partnership is a massive accomplishment for us and underpins how we’re able to take the very best in academia and scale it to thousands of people. As the single most costly medical condition, Type 2 diabetes has long been a drain on NHS resources, and we believe this approach will enable them to deliver highly personalised support at scale. We look forward to working with insurers and international markets in the coming months and years to replicate this offering.”


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