Digital solution for GP recruitment launched

A new digital solution has been rolled out with the aim of speeding up the recruitment of GPs, and end shortfalls of offline clinical governance procedures.

The ‘medic passport’, designed by GPs and created by Dr Focused, can be shared with other employers which helps avoid paperwork and the need to present legal certificates each time. The software also provides GPs access to their development plans and any training that’s on offer to them.

Dr Kit Latham, founder of Dr Focused and the creator of the medic passport said: “Spending quality time with patients is the most important part of being a GP – paperwork is tiresome, and distracting. I have worked with GPs to create a way to reduce the amount of time health workers spend doing paperwork. Together, we have created the fastest way for any doctor or healthcare worker to join a new employer, and to stay up-to-date.

“To ensure that our medic passport would give its users the best possible experience and outcome, we chose to test the service by working with an organisation that regularly employs lots of GPs, and one that has an ‘Outstanding’ CQC rating – GPDQ ticked both boxes.”

Dr Anshumen Bhagat, NHS GP founder of GP on demand service GPDQ who is responsible for testing and shaping the tool, added: “In general practice, clinical governance encompasses both quality improvement and accountability. Systems for both must be developed fully if the highest levels of quality of care and professional performance are to be achieved – in my opinion, this can only be done effectively using a digital solution. I’m proud to say that GPDQ was the first organisation to adopt the new medic passport software.”

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