Digital support programme for Type 2 diabetics launched

A digital support programme to help people who have Type 2 diabetes has been rolled out across Greater Manchester.

The project, funded by NHS England and Innovate UK, and delivered by Changing Health, means that resources to help people manage their condition and live healthier lives such as a digital education on lifestyle and personalised one-to-one behaviour coaching is now available to 150,000 people across the area.

The scheme was launched with the aim of giving people with diabetes all the skills and knowledge they need to play a more active role in managing their condition, by adopting positive diet and exercise habits and learning how to maintain lifestyle changes over the long term.

The platform, Greater Manchester Diabetes My Way, also has tools which allow for easier sharing of glucose monitoring data and care records with healthcare professionals.

John Grumitt, Changing Health chief executive, said: “It’s great to be selected as one of the Greater Manchester Diabetes My Way providers and build on the evidence that with access to the right support, people with diabetes can make big changes in their lives and manage their condition more effectively.

“We know that a large proportion of people with Type 2 diabetes want to make a change in their lives – but often, they simply aren’t sure how best to go about it. This initiative aims to change that.”

Diabetes support in Greater Manchester has in the past been limited to classroom education programmes, which are often inaccessible for those unable to travel or take time off work, or who have learning difficulties. Digital tools overcome these challenges, and in some cases, have been shown to improve uptake of diabetes support by more than 500%.

In addition to improving the support on offer for people with diabetes, the initiative is also likely to deliver significant cost savings for healthcare delivery in Greater Manchester, with fewer complications arising from the condition, fewer hospitalisations and fewer A&E attendances.

Naresh Kanumilli, SCN clinical lead for Diabetes, said: “This has the potential to be a real game-changer in Greater Manchester. With a large and growing Type 2 diabetes population, we need to adapt to the modern world and harness the power of new digital technology to embrace changes in how we support people living with diabetes.”

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