Diabetes app to connect data, patients and doctors

Exclusive interview: Philips gets diabetes connected

Diabetes app to connect data, patients and doctors

Philips and Dutch Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc) have announced a diabetes app to enable connected care for patients and clinicians

The app has been designed to enable people living with diabetes, and their health care providers, to make more confident care decisions while managing the complexity of diabetes self care.

Digital Health Age spoke exclusively with Dr Andrade, director of product management, Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform, about its prototype of the Diabetes Support App.

When asked why Philips had chosen to focus their app on diabetes Dr Andrade said: “There are nearly 400 million people living with diabetes worldwide and we wanted to reduce the burden of care for people living with Type 1 Diabetes by empowering them in self-management and enabling continuous care.

“People with diabetes in our clinical partners’ medical practices asked for a solution that would support them in dealing with the unexpected situations that arise daily and that would reduce the burden of decision-making.”

The system created by Philips and Radboudumc collects and connects data from electronic medical records, multiple personal health devices – including a wireless glucose meters or activity monitor – and patient self-reported data.

The app gives patients continuous access to important parameters such as blood glucose levels, insulin use, or nutrition and provides coaching guidance, at home and on the go.

The secure online community is where enrolled patients and healthcare professionals can interact via private messaging or shared posts within a healthcare organization’s clinical guidelines.

In this way, patients can get feedback from their care team using the combined data and can easily share experiences with fellow patients, clinicians and caregivers.

Dr Andrade said: “This integrated App + online community was designed hand-in-hand with people with diabetes and their healthcare providers to reflect their priorities and how they wanted to use the app.

“We worked with people with diabetes to map the flow of their daily routines and designed the app to support them in these daily tasks with an intuitive, easy to use, portal.

“For healthcare providers we made it easier to use only the data they choose not all of the data available on a patient, to view integrated data and trends rather than lists of data and to view individual’s personal information eg stress levels, mood, diet, activity.”

When asked why Philips and Radboudumc chose Salesforce as a partner Dr Andrade said: “Salesforce is the patient engagement platform. It is used to build the user interface for the App and the Community that enables users to view the data from the HealthSuite Digital Platform. This fosters collaboration between patients and healthcare providers

The joint prototype development between Philips, Radboudumc and Salesforce is expected to be available for evaluation in limited markets before end of year, with plans to introduce similar connected care solutions addressing other chronic conditions.

Dr Andrade also said: “Digital health is the convergence of digital technology and healthcare – how we can use digital technology to advance healthcare. As a practicing clinician of over 30 years, I believe that we can harness technology to enhance clinical collaboration and the lives, health, and wellness of the people to whom we provide care.

“Philips is launching a prototype of one of the industry’s first integrated patient app (data from personal measurement devices + self-reported data & medical records) + online community to connect people living with Type 1 diabetes with their healthcare providers.

“No other diabetes platform or app is currently breaking down data siloes and connect individuals’ personal data and healthcare organizations’ clinical data and deliver it in a meaningful way.

“Philips has this capability through the HealthSuite Digital Platform and, as a result, we’re able to make a significant stride in empowering people with diabetes in self-management and enabling collaborations in diabetes care.”



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