Five digital health start-ups to watch

Not only do these digital health start-ups offer forward-thinking services, they are also tipped for big things in 2016


Named as a global winner by Richard Branson in the Unleashed 2015 awards, Andiamo is definitely one to watch.

The company builds and delivers an integrated clinical service and software platform that uses 3D scanning, 3D printing and predictive analytics to create custom orthotics for disabled children.

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Cupris Health turns smartphones into medical devices using patent-pending clip-on attachments. The devices connect to a web-based service that allows clinical information to be securely transmitted between healthcare practitioners and their patients. Cupris has achieved NHS Information Governance Toolkit Compliance status.

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This mobile app is designed to allow users to take control of their health via their own personal health service.

It allows you to consult with some of the best doctors within minutes, get quick answers to your medical questions and understand your body.

The company has a partnership with the NHS, providing patients of specific practices with consultations via smartphone. This service is currently limited to patients in specific practices but the company is planning to expand in the near future.

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Care-Zap is a free smartphone and tablet app that has been designed to transform care in the home. It connects families, caregivers and care organisations to create a private network of care allowing them securely communicate among each other.


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Skin Analytics

Skin Analytics is smartphone app that can analyse and track the growth of moles and other signs of skin disease. Aimed at prevention and making the early diagnosis of melanoma easier, the app can send alerts to users if their mole looks abnormal. It also helps users get an appointment with a doctor as well as schedule screenings and follows NICE best practice guidelines.

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    I tri d to learn more about care-zap but could not open the page


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