Hancock shown clinicians’ iPad solution at digital health firm

The health and social care secretary Matt Hancock visited medical technology company FutureNova who demonstrated how its FlipPad aids clinicians.

The company has developed a solution for the Apple iPad which allows both clinical staff and surgeons to use the iPad in sterile environments.

The health secretary viewed prototypes and was shown how FlipPad worked with surgical gloves.

Mike Casey, CEO of FutureNova said: “A lot of our design work with Apple and Microsoft will have a significant impact on digital healthcare. Mr Hancock has a vision of radically improving digital access to healthcare and was extremely interested to see the benefits of our technology for himself. FlipPad can assist the NHS in its efforts to reduce instances of Norovirus and C-Difficile by enabling the use of mobile technology everywhere in the NHS where infection prevention is important.”

The screen allows staff to control the iPad when wearing surgical gloves, meaning it can be used in operating theatres, infection control wards and can be hung on a hospital bedrail.

It can also be used by parents to research their child’s condition, view medical records and clinical regimes, and discuss their child’s health plan with hospital staff.

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