Health product provider launches glucose strip subscription service following NHS rationing

A health product provider has launched its glucose test strip subscription service in response to rationing from the NHS.

Wellnostics say they want to provide the glucose strips and a service at an affordable price while giving diabetes patients a wide choice at a time when GPs have had to limit supply to patients because of budgetary constraints.

Hugh Sheridan, CEO of Wellnostics, said: “We know that all published research about regular glucose monitoring leads to better outcomes so we believe that the NHS placing any obstacle in the way to glucose monitoring is dangerous. We do understand the resource issues but this led us to looking at how we could offer a different solution without prescriptions.

“First thing is choice, everybody is different so they should be able to choose which monitor they use and in turn the glucose test strip they need to use regularly. Then we wanted to offer free delivery and free lancets as well as instant VAT relief which lets us offer the cheapest prices. I think what we’ve come up is a stress-free option for diabetics to monitor themselves as many times as they like. Our solution, in the long term, will be good for all parties.”

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