Infographic: The use of mobile devices in healthcare

By Michael Leavy 

This infographic looks into how mHealth apps are currently transforming healthcare delivery across the world.

We are living in an age when an ever-growing number of professions are using technology in their work, and the healthcare sector is no exception to this. In fact, recent years have seen more and more medical professionals make use of mobile devices and apps to help facilitate the delivery of top-quality care to their patients.

What is mHealth?

The term “mHealth” describes mobile technology which has been designed with the aim of assisting in the delivery of healthcare. It can be used as part of public health education, to monitor disease, to support treatment, to track the outbreak of health epidemics and to manage chronic disease.

mHealth: Fad or Future?

The mHealth sector is experiencing a spectacular urge in growth worldwide. In 2018, there were over 318,000 health apps available for download– almost double the number of apps on the top app stores in 2015. Experts don’t see this growth slowing down any time soon and have predicted that the market will reach a global value of $60 billion by 2020.

How are medical professionals employing mobile technology?

According to figures from Skycure, Four out of five doctors use their mobile devices to assist with their everyday work. One survey has revealed that 93% of healthcare professionals believe that access to health apps allows them to provide a superior standard of care to patients. Many applications have been found for this technology, including:

  • Information management
  • Time management
  • Health record maintenance
  • Communications
  • Reference
  • Clinical decision-making
  • Patient monitoring
  • Medical education and training

Find out more about the use of mobile in healthcare

This infographic guide from Home Healthcare Adaptations examines the growing phenomenon of smartphone technology in healthcare provision. It weighs up some of the biggest advantages of this technology while also exploring some areas for concern.

Read below to learn more.


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