It’s all in the mind: Mindfulness and meditation apps

It’s all in the mind: Mindfulness and meditation apps

Sometimes your smart phone can provide relief as well as distraction. Lu Rahman picks four mindfulness apps to help keep your mind as healthy as your body


The Mindfulness App

Developed by a team of Dutch psychologists and mindfulness trainers, the Mindfulness App lets you customise your own meditations for as long or as short as you need them to be, also offering a reminder function to keep your practice up-to-date throughout the day.

As well as a range of meditation sessions, the app provides inspiring quotes for everyday use and offers something for beginners through to the more experienced mindfulness partaker.



Based on the principles of Tai Chi and mindfulness practice, Pause brings the act of focused attention to your mobile phone. You can start the journey to relaxation anywhere and anytime. By slowly and continuously moving your fingertip across the screen, Pause triggers the body’s ‘rest and digest’ response, which developer ustwo says quickly helps you regain focus and release stress within minutes. invites you to ‘discover the power of meditation’ via a seven-step meditation process and says that taking a few moments out of your day can make you happier and healthier. A quick peek at the website itself will bring your blood pressure down thanks to calming visuals and a soothing soundtrack



Headspace invites you to ‘get some headspace’ making meditation simple in a format that allows you to join in when you want and wherever you are for just ten minutes a day. Billed as gym membership for the mind, Headspace takes you through daily routines. Each course is narrated by the soothing voice of an ex-monk who practices meditation and mindfulness.









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