NHS adopts AI app for gestational diabetes

The NHS has adopted a software system from Sensyne Health with aim of helping to manage gestational diabetes.

Sensyne Health has announced the commercial launch of its GDm-Health product, the patient app-to-clinician software system for the management of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), which replaces the traditional paper-based method of management.

The system comprises a smartphone application which connects to a wireless blood glucose monitor. The woman’s blood glucose measurements, any text-based commentary she wishes to log and any request for a call back she makes are transmitted directly to a web-based clinical dashboard for the multi-disciplinary team at the hospital supervising her care to manage proactively. The care team can see near real-time data that has been prioritised through appropriate algorithms and can communicate directly with patients through the system.

The app has now completed its development following a two-year clinical evaluation in the NHS by over 1,000 women and is currently available to pregnant women and their midwives at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Three additional NHS Trusts will be implementing GDm-Health in the coming weeks, including Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust and Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Lucy Mackillop, consultant obstetric physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and honorary senior clinical lecturer and the clinical lead for the development of GDm-Health commented: “I am delighted that GDm-Health has made the transition to a commercial product and is available for implementation across the NHS. This is as a result of an enormous amount of work by the clinical and academic teams at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and University of Oxford and by Sensyne Health to have taken our prototype and transformed it into a sustainable scalable product.”

GDm-Health is one of a number of data-driven health technology applications under development by Sensyne Health in collaboration with the University of Oxford and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Anonymised data from these systems, can be made available for analysis by the Company, using its Clinical AI capabilities for the purposes of medical research and to improve patient care.

Lord (Paul) Drayson, CEO of Sensyne Health, added: “The overwhelming positive response to GDm-Health from the NHS and from women with gestational diabetes is testament to its clinically led design and the fact it is technology that is addressing an area of urgent, clinical need. We look forward to its wider adoption in the coming months.”

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  1. October 17, 2018 @ 2:06 am Linda

    Good APP. I was diagnosed as type 2 last year, my weight was 125kg, my doctor wanted me to start insulin and encouraged a diet with an alarming amount of carbs, so I went to boots and bought a blood sugar tester that I used every day, and started on a Atkins type diet. I.e no carbs….. and when I say no carbs I really mean none. So lots of meats and fish, eggs etc. I also got some useful information here http://mydiabetesway.com/the-16-best-foods-to-control-diabetes I gradually started loosing weight at a rate of 3kg per month and Im now 94kg, I have never taken insulin and in a few months I will be my target weight. my lifestyle can never go back to carbs, but I can have some nowerdays without my blood sugar increasing, so if I want a curry I can have a Nan bread with it but no rice chips etc. And to be honest when you cut out carbs you can eat a lot of really tasty things that help lose weight a fry up without the beans is fine, lamb chops and kebabs without the bread etc. The only downside is because of the extra fat intake I need to be doing daily cardio. I really believe doctors are offered too many incentives by drug companies and tend to love writing prescriptions instead of encouraging a positive change in our lifestyles.


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