NHS-recommended apps on World Mental Health Day


The NHS Apps Library offers a selection of online tools designed to help with people suffering from anxiety, stress or depression


Chill Panda

This app teaches the user relaxation and breathing techniques. It measures heart rate and offers tasks designed to suit particular states of mind and to distract form worries.

Chill Panda is currently being tested with NHS patients being awarded approval status. It meets quality standards for safety, usability and accessibility.



SilverCloud is a free online course designed to aid the management of stress, anxiety and depression. The eight-week course takes the user through a series of therapist-selected topics at their own time and pace.


Stress & Anxiety Companion

This app aims to help you ‘handle stress and anxiety on the go’. It provides breathing exercises, soothing music and games and is designed to help you change a negative thought pattern.



Ieso offers CBT therapy by text allowing you to review your sessions on an on-going basis. An online course using instant messaging is confidential and outs the user in touch with a trained therapist.


Big White Wall

For anyone feeling anxious, stressed or low, Big White Wall provides an online community and 24hr support form trained professionals. Its allows you to talk  anonymously or is a group as well as offering one-to-one therapy sessions.



For anyone with a phobia or suffering from panic or anxiety, FearFighter offers a nine-week course help them confront and deal with the issue.


Calm Harm

A private and password-protected app, Calm Harm helps people resist or manage the urge to self-harm.




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