Listen to this: internet-enabled hearing aid overcomes complex noise situations

Oticon, a manufacturer of hearing aid technology, has launched Oticon Opn, a new listening device that uses the internet to overcome challenges faced by conventional hearing aids

Running on the Velox platform, the hearing aid uses an “open sound” approach, handling multiple speech and noise sources, even in complex listening situations.

To do this, the hearing aid uses two dedicated communication systems, dubbed TwinLink technology.

This consists of one dedicated system for optimised binaural processing and one system for direct, streamer-free connectivity.

The new communication technology is designed for communication without compromising binaural capabilities or battery consumption.

The group says that its new device supports the brain’s ability to make sense of sound and can significantly reduce the cognitive load on the user.

Tests have reportedly shown that Opn increases speech understanding by 30% with 20% less listening effort required, which in turn allows users to remember 20% more of what was said, claims the company.

“Oticon has always been about audiology and technology working in harmony, and with Opn we’re introducing new and groundbreaking technology to address real issues that affect those with hearing loss,” said Søren Nielsen, President of Oticon A/S.

“Opn opens up a whole new world of sound, allowing users to manage multiple speakers in difficult situations such as dinner conversations, and to benefit from technological advances that were previously out of reach.

“Opn can make a real difference to the lives of people, young and old, who suffer from hearing loss.”

Oticon claims that Opn is the first hearing aid that connects to and interacts with the internet.

“With Opn we’ve taken a giant leap forward – for both hearing aids and the Internet of Things,” said Nielsen.

“The potential of IoT is vast, but on a consumer level we’ve largely seen devices that focus on convenience.

“With Opn, the Internet of Things starts to matter – you could say that this will change people’s lives.”


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