Pharma heavyweight and digital health firm team up for diabetes

Eli Lilly and digital health company Rimidi, have teamed up to create personalised solutions for people using insulin to manage diabetes.

Rimidi will integrate its diabetes management software platform with Lilly’s integrated insulin management system in development.

The agreement between Rimidi and Lilly will strive to make diabetes management easier for approximately 30 million Americans with diabetes and their healthcare by helping people use insulin more effectively while optimising diabetes management within the normal clinical workflow.

“Diabetes management is a collaborative effort between people with diabetes and their healthcare providers. With the right support they can achieve better results together,” said Lucienne Ide, CEO of Rimidi.

“We are proud to partner with Lilly to facilitate personalised management of diabetes. This is a ‘better together’ story.”

Rimidi’s platform helps clinicians personalise care by using individual characteristics and clinical histories of people with diabetes to identify individuals who may benefit from specific management approaches. Lilly’s integrated insulin management system combines a connected insulin pen with glucose-sensing technologies (eg glucose meter, CGM) and software applications to deliver personalised insulin dose recommendations. Data from these devices and apps will flow back to physicians to truly connect care.

“To make diabetes management easier, we need to enable and empower people with diabetes to use insulin more effectively,” said Marie Schiller, vice president, Connected Care and site head, Cambridge Innovation Centre.

“Our partnership with Rimidi is one step in making this vision a reality. Diabetes is a challenge for patients and can be tough for physicians to treat. Connected care may be able to reduce many of these burdens, allowing physicians to focus on the most important clinical decisions and improving outcomes.”

Rimidi’s diabetes management platform runs on top of leading electronic medical records systems, providing a seamless workflow experience for clinicians at the point of care. Rimidi’s understanding of clinical workflow enables primary care providers to leverage analytics and expert systems, such as Lilly’s integrated insulin management system, to improve care for specific patient populations.

Lilly’s integrated insulin management system, comprised of cloud-based analytics, patient engagement solutions and connected devices, is one of two platforms being developed by Lilly for the Connected Diabetes Ecosystem, which is being designed to make diabetes management easier by enabling people to use insulin more effectively. The other is an automated insulin delivery system, which is a hybrid closed-loop platform that uses connected devices to automate insulin dosing.

Both platforms are currently in development, and some clinical trials have started. In conjunction with a variety of partners, including Rimidi, Lilly is working to make these platforms available to patients within two to three years, pending FDA approval or clearance.


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