Philips launch data-driven suite to improve radiology services

Technology company Philips has introduced a data-driven system to help support and improve software and services across radiology departments.

PerformanceBridge aims to help standardise workflows, improve the patient experience and deliver better value-based care. The system is powered by Philips’ Healthsuite, a cloud-enabled ecosystem designed to connect apps, devices and digital tools in healthcare.

PerformanceBridge gives healthcare professionals access to near real-time data on departmental performance through an interactive dashboard. It helps administrators prioritise improvement in specific areas such as asset management, equipment uptime and utilisation, peer-to-peer collaboration, accreditation compliance and practice management.

The system unifies and consolidates data found across various existing informational systems. Philips are offering a team of dedicated application specialists to help PerformanceBridge users leverage its tools and initiate performance improvements based on data collected by PerformanceBridge.

Rob Cascella, CEO of the Diagnosis and Treatment businesses at Philips said: “As the role of the radiologist continues to evolve, we are committed to delivering next-generation software and services to bring the power of informatics and decision support to radiology. Radiology departments have access to a goldmine of data that can positively impact the entire enterprise. PerformanceBridge in support of a first-time-right approach.”

Lahey Hospital & Medical Centre based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is an early adopter of PerformanceBridge.

Christoph Wald, chairman, Department of Radiology at Lahey Hosptial said: “PerformanceBridge Practice has incredible promise for data-driven practice management, including exciting things such as a real local market referral pattern analysis, as well as asset and technologist utilisation insights. It gives us the intelligence we need to be a data-driven enterprise.”

The PerformanceBridge suite includes a range of tools and personalised service options.

PerformanceBridge Practice offers data-backed insights to identify opportunities and gaps within a health system to understand and improve imaging performance.

Philips’ dose manager software platform, DoseWise Portal allows healthcare professionals to record, track and analyse the radiation exposure of patients and clinicians. This allows information managers to make data-informed decisions to ensure safe optimised levels and adherence to industry regulations.

Philips’ NetForum community allows clinicians access to a cloud-based peer-to-peer network where members can access benchmarking data, case studies and educational information to aid in knowledge sharing and facilitate learning.

Reece Armstrong is a reporter for Digital Health Age. Coming from the North East of England, Reece has an MA in Media & Journalism and a BA in Popular & Contemporary Music from Newcastle University. Reach him on Twitter or email via:

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