Staff at Portsmouth NHS Trust have won an award for cutting avoidable mortality and enhancing patient safety through the use of the VitalPAC digital system

Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust wins award for digital innovation

Staff at Portsmouth NHS Trust have won an award for cutting avoidable mortality and enhancing patient safety through the use of a digital system

They were rewarded for their development of the VitalPAC system which a study showed had contributed to saving over 760 lives at two hospitals in a single year.

Judges at the Health Service Journal awards (HSJ) ceremony hailed what they described as an “excellent, proven and user-friendly solution”. Portsmouth won the award for Improving Care With Technology.

The Trust worked with The Learning Clinic to develop the VitalPAC system which records patient observations electronically and enables doctors and nurses to identify deteriorating patients more quickly.

Using this technology, over the past seven years Portsmouth hospitals have managed to reduce mortality by 350 per year (15%).

VitalPAC replaced the paper-based system with touch screen technology and observations are now 98% complete and take 40% less time to record, with 80% fewer errors.

The Trust has also managed to cut outbreaks of the Norovirus, winter vomiting bug, by more than 90% over a five-year period according to research published in the BMJ Quality and Safety journal.

VitalPAC is now being used by 1,000 Portsmouth nurses who take on average 3,500 sets of patient observations each day in 47 wards.

The Trust has recently signed a new five-year contract with The Learning Clinic and are planning to add the new VitalPAC Doctor system to its patient care range of solutions.

VitalPAC Doctor is used by doctors and senior nurses and provides them with mobile access to each of their patient’s complete clinical record in real time.

Markus Bolton, joint chief executive officer of The Learning Clinic said: “Portsmouth have been our closest partner in our journey to make healthcare safer, smarter and more efficient so I am thrilled that they have received such a high profile national award. They should be extremely proud of what they have achieved.

“Not only have their efforts helped make their own services safer but because VitalPAC is now used in over 50 Trusts they have helped make patients all over the country safer.”


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