Report predicts 5G will benefit one billion with improved healthcare

More than one billion patients worldwide are expected to benefit from improved healthcare services by the end of the next decade (2030), as a result of 5G, according to a report by Huawei and research and consulting firm STL Partners.

The report suggests that 5G connected remote patient monitoring, wearable health devices, virtual HD doctor-patient consultations and connected ambulances are all expected to be common-place and improve healthcare around the world by 2030.

The findings also predict that 5G will:

  • Help healthcare professionals treat more than 850 million extra outpatients a year by 2030;
  • Free-up more than four million extra bed days in hospitals around the world; and
  • Help ambulance services handle 40 million more emergency responses a year by 2030.

The report, entitled: “5G’s healthcare impact: one billion patients with improved access in 2030”, outlines a number of ways 5G will be used in healthcare over the next decade, as well as how some applications that are already being trialled.

This includes:

  • Remote patient monitoring: real-time streaming, analysis, and monitoring of patient data from patient wearables and e-health devices.
  • Virtual consultations via high-definition (HD) video: HD, two-way video streaming between a doctor and patient for a routine appointment can reduce waiting times and potentially speed up diagnosis.
  • Connected ambulances: real-time streaming of patient data and information from sensors and high-definition cameras, can speed-up and improve communication between ambulance crews and in-hospital emergency departments.

Victor Zhang, senior vice president, Huawei, said: “Hospitals and doctor’s surgeries around the world are coming under increased pressure due to ever ageing and increasing populations.

“However, over the next decade, 5G connected wearable devices, remote patient monitoring and HD patient-doctor consultations, and even surgery, will transform the healthcare industry; potentially freeing up $94 billion which can be reallocated elsewhere.

“With 5G connectivity offering such huge life-saving opportunities, the telecoms industry and government regulators must work together to take this opportunity and press ahead with their rollout of 5G networks.”

Huawei’s role in rolling out 5G across the UK has been a contentious issue, with the government previously delaying a decision as to whether to exclude the technology company from the roll-out earlier this year.


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