Smart hearing aid gets bluetooth microphone and headset

With the introduction of ConnectClip the Oticon Opn hearing aid now connects to all modern smartphones

Oticon has introduced the ConnectClip, an all-in-one wireless Bluetooth microphone and headset for its latest hearing aid. Oticon Opn users can now enjoy connectivity to all modern smartphones as well as convenient hands-free communication on the go, coupled with enhanced sound quality and listening experience.

ConnectClip makes normal functionalities conveniently mobile while providing Opn users a greater ability to multi-task – simultaneously staying engaged in other activities while listening, such as cooking dinner during a call, taking notes in a lecture or listening to music while exercising. With a sleek and simplistic Nordic inspired design, ConnectClip is both modern and inconspicuous, ready for integration into a collection of stylish, everyday tech gadgets.According to Oticon it has been complicated to use hearing aids with regular headsets. Now, Opn wearers can use ConnectClip to simply connect to Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices to stream high-quality audio wirelessly into their hearing aids. ConnectClip uses low energy Bluetooth to transform Opn hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset for iPhone and Android smartphones, tablets and PCs.


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