QardioBase Smart Scales

Review: QardioBase smart scales

QardioBase and QardioMD are the latest offerings on display at CES this week, coming from Cardia – a firm specialised in digital heart health solutions.

QardioBase is a smart scale and body analyser which features Expressive Feedback and haptic responses, premium design materials and pregnancy mode.

Essentially it’s a smart scale that offers health and weight management, and features an innovative design. It measures body weight, body fat, muscle, water and bone composition and calculates your BMI with a number of distinctive features:

Qardiobase Smart ScaleIt uses ‘Expressive Feedback’ and haptic responses for a more human experience, meaning that users step on the scale to be greeted by a friendly face that lets them know how well they’re doing against personal goals. Vibrational signals also let them know their readings are complete and recorded for review on your phone or tablet.

The casing uses premium natural acrylic stone that is warm to the touch and features a sleek, minimalist design.

QardioBase comes with ‘Pregnancy Mode’ for mothers-to-be track their progress during gestation.

The device works with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. It is controlled through the Qardio App and will be available in Spring 2015.

QardioMD on the other hand is designed to lower the barriers to preventative care for heart health, teaming Qardio’s wearable sensors with high-performance cloud analytics.

Qardio says it lowers the barriers to preventative health and increases the resource efficiencies of healthcare provisioning. QardioMD’s pervasive remote monitoring is designed to create minimal impact on healthcare professionals’ daily workflow, replacing most routine check-ups/office visits and helps keep patients from unexpected hospital visits. At the patient level, QardioMD enables healthcare professionals to visualise, organise and manipulate the richer and more comprehensive heart health data generated by Qardio’s revolutionary sensors. At the patient group level, QardioMD enables intelligent clustering and actionable prioritisation of patients.

“We have created an ecosystem of smart, connected heart health products that fits seamlessly into people’s lives. QardioMD is the physician’s side of the equation: by combining richer data sets from multiple sensors and across longer time periods, QardioMD offers a powerful tool supporting the decision-making of healthcare professionals. This drives the shift towards preventative care, cost efficiency and enhanced diagnostic yields,” said Marco Peluso, CEO and Co-Founder of Qardio.

QardioMD will be available to healthcare professionals starting in Spring 2015 and is designed to work alongside Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.


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