Study examines the benefits of connected health devices


A new study is being conducted exploring how healthcare professionals are using connected health devices.

The UPDOCS study makes use of a number of different study centres brought together by think-tank Le Lab-e-Santé. The study aims to assess the general use of connected devices made available to patients by staff within healthcare facilities.

UPDOCS will also examine the obstacles and drivers stopping or facilitating professionals’ adoption of connected health devices; ask how healthcare professionals can benefit from the technologies; assess the use of the technologies and ask if multidisciplinary health facilities are effective platforms for various healthcare professionals to adopt connected health devices.

The study’s initial phase concluded on 31 January. The rest of the UPDOCS study will last ten months amongst healthcare professionals and six months for patients. The UPDOCS study centres include six multidisciplinary health facilities, two pharmacies and one healthcare centre, representing forty healthcare professionals in total.

Coordination, implementation and follow-up for the study are being overseen by e-health and m-health platform provider Virtual Care, data analysis by digital strategies company InAdvans, and the data integration platform by m-health developer Tactio Health Group, in partnership with services provider Claranet for authorised health data hosting.

Virtual Care CEO Frédéric Faurennes said: “The forty healthcare professionals have activated thirteen Virtual Santé accounts. That already shows that information is being shared naturally, with one account used by several healthcare professionals to monitor one or more patients.”

Involved in the study is stresses Dr Joël Valendoff who stressed the importance of connected devices stating “devices connecting patients and physicians are what I hope to see in tomorrow’s medicine’.

Early data from the study show that nearly half of participants have low levels of physical activity, though it is too early in the study’s progression to tell whether connected health devices can offer ways to decrease sedentary time amongst patients.




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