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Digital health on the rise, new research shows

Digital technologies are proving to be benefiting healthcare according to the latest market research provided by the innovation consultancy Enspektos. The research looks at the global digital health market, examining aspects such as investment, mobile technologies and global trends. It highlights positive growth for the digital health market across all factors including infrastructure, regional diversity,…


Researchers use AI models to improve dialysis treatment

A team of researchers from Imperial College London have used machine learning to develop a device that could potentially improve dialysis for patients. In collaboration with Hammersmith Hospital, Northwick Park Hospital, and St Mary’s Hospital, the team used computer modelling techniques to simulate how currents in blood flows in the veins of patients receiving dialysis. Dialysis is…


Nuance launches virtual healthcare assistant

Computer software company Nuance Communications has launched an AI-powered virtual assistant solution for healthcare providers. The Dragon Medical Virtual Assistant is intended to help clinicians who already use Dragon Medical streamline their clinical documentation. The solution uses conversational dialogues and pre-built capabilities that automate high-value clinical workflows. Nuance’s new virtual assistant will use conversational AI…


AI app helps improve relationships

The service, offered by the Finnish health technology company Olento Life, claims to “repair relationship ties in an entirely new way”. Managing director Peeter Lange believes that changing gender roles, increased egocentricity, and the ability to seek out new partners using mobile tech mean that relationships have become a consumable commodity. Lange said he wanted…

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