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4D imaging firm announces upgrades to fall detection device

Vayyar Imaging, the 4D imaging technology firm has announced advancements to Walabot Home, its fall detection and health monitoring smart home device. The product covers more rooms, such as bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms. Its new machine-learning AI adapts to the changing patterns of a home in order to detect falls and reduce the need for…


Wireless stethoscope device given CE certification

A wireless stethoscope device which uses AI algorithms to examine children’s lung and heart recordings has been given CE certification. StethoME aims to help parents monitor their children for early signs of respiratory issues at home, with the stethoscope capable of detecting, classifying and analysing pathological sounds within children’s lungs Examinations with a traditional stethoscope…


NHS Trust deploys AI algorithms for radiology reporting

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has deployed artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in a bid to support quicker radiology reporting. The Trust has partnered with Behold.ai, a radiology AI specialist to implement its red dot prioritisation platform. The red dot AI algorithm separates radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories alerting radiographers to urgent findings at…

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