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Care planning system integrates pain monitoring tech into app

Electronic care planning system Person Centred Software is aiming to drive a technological revolution in pain relief for care home residents. Using the latest smartphone and AI technology, care home providers can now identify and measure levels of pain amongst those with reduced communication skills. The aim is to ensure accurate pain relief is administered…


The data challenge facing the NHS

Mark Frankish, data scientist, SAS UK, writes about the challenges the NHS must overcome before reaping the benefits of new technologies. New technologies promise to achieve what no politician has yet managed in the 70-year history of the UK’s National Health Service: improving patient care while simultaneously saving money. In the Government’s ten-year-plan announcement, far-reaching…


Fujitsu launches AI solution for EHR management

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe has launched an AI technology that aims to enhance electronic health record (EHR) management. The technology automates the process of unstructured medical notes, with the objective of saving time and improving accuracy. The company has been working closely with innovation partners within the healthcare sector including San Carlos Clinical Hospital in…


App developed for patients to detect melanoma warning signs

An AI skin mapping app has been developed to allow patients to detect one of the most common warning signs of melanoma. Miiskin, the app that supports the British Skin Foundation’s work, has introduced the technology to help alert adults to new moles and marks on their skin. Research has shown lower public awareness that these could be…

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