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Why no healthcare business is too small for data science

Artificial intelligence (AI) could reduce the cost of healthcare by $150 billion by 2026 in the US alone, according to the Stanford Medicine 2018 Health Trends Report. To achieve this, the industry relies on access to the AI skills of data scientists. However, recruiting one full-time is not always easy and can be costly. Here…


How using AI can help save lives

Haidar Altaie, data scientist at SAS UK & Ireland, writes about how AI can be used to improve patient care, and ultimately save lives. Technological advancements are changing every industry and healthcare is no exception: you can argue that the value of artificial intelligence (AI) is never greater than when it’s used to improve patients’…


Time to put AI at the heart of the NHS

Geoff Twist, managing director for Roche Diagnostics UK and Ireland, writes about the value of AI for clinical diagnostics. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help healthcare professionals transform the NHS. Not only will it improve care for patients and lead to increased cost savings, it can also enhance the speed and accuracy of diagnosis for long-term…


How AI recognition software can release clinicians’ burden

Web content editor Ian Bolland caught up with Dr Simon Wallace from Nuance Communications to talk about how speech recognition software is helping to relieve the burden on medical professionals across several NHS Trusts.  Speech recognition software can dramatically reduce the impact of administrative duties on clinicians, prevent burnout and bring cost benefits to NHS…

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